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R&D projects

Research and development projects

R&D projects, in wich the institute has participated or for which it has been responsible, include the following.

Business models and evolution of businesses

  • ICory, a Business Finland supported project on intelligent health services
  • Making-City, EU Lighthouse project on sustainable energy solutions in cities
  • LNETN, an EU Marie Curie project on future business capabilities
  • MinExTarget, a joint research project on mining industry and businesses
  • ENHANCE, a joint Scandinavian project funded by the Academy of Sweden on business model configuration
  • InDemand, an EU project on co-creation of innovations with public bodies
  • Virpa-D, a Business Finland supported project on smart spaces and facilities
  • ROSA, and Instrumentarium Science Foundation supported  Connected health project
  • Clinical Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)
  • FREED, a joint European energy related SME development project
  • Value Network 2.0, a joint project on industrial value networks
  • Fast Microbial Analysis business study
  • Indico, a Connected health related joint project
  • Lenslet Vision business study
  • Test Cluster prestudy
  • Inno Mill evaluation for Tekes (Business Finland)
  • Tiitus,an innovation ecosystem evaluation project
  • Seed potato ecosystem analysis and business development
  • Ryhti, business models for built environments
  • ICT evolution and scenario analysis for Northern Finland
  • Clean Water prestudy
  • YSI, a joint health care and wellbeing services project
  • P2P Synergy, an EU H2020 project on smart grids
  • Virpa-C, a joint project on smart facilities

Digital business

  • StrokeData, Digital health and well-being
  • Dataki, Competitive advantages from data, a joint domestic EU structural funds project
  • 5G-Viima (business R&D workpackage), a joint Business Finland supported program on 5G in industrial applications
  • MIDAS,  a joint EU project on health care and wellbeing businesses
  • DigiLeap, a joint (UofO, VTT, companies) EU-funded project on digitalization in businesses
  • uo5G, a Business Finland Challenge Finland project on 5G micro-operator businesses
  • ROSA, a Connected health project funded by the Instrumentarium Science Foundation
  • Tintti, a Tekes project on industrial internet
  • Cloud Software, a Dimecc project on cloud software
  • CORE++, a Tekes project on 5G wireless solutions
  • CORE, a Tekes project on 5G wireless solutions
  • Need for Speed, a Dimecc project on lean and agile solutions in  ICT businesses
  • Internet of Things, a Dimecc project on internet of things
  • Sensors and social web, a Tekes project on social web
  • Reaxity, a Tekes project on virtual reality
  • See-through-environments, a Tekes project on augmented reality
  • Smarctic, a Tekes project on arctic scenarios
  • DIPOS, a project on scenarios of digital businesses in Northern Finland
  • WiFiUS, a Tekes project on future 5 G solutions, carried out together with US partners

Competences on the growth of businesses and entrepreneurship

  • Digital education and exchange, Erasmus+
  • Powered by block chain, a joint domestic EU structural funds project
  • fPlaza, a joint international EU structural funds project on responsible business and entrepreneurship
  • Myski, an ESR-funded joint Oulu Innovation Alliance project on sales competeces
  • Suo-as-a-service, analysis new  opportunties for peat business
  •, a Business Finland funded project on creating new business from an innovative idea
  • IKK, a Tekes project on innovation capability development
  • Marketing KEKO, a joint project on the development of marketing competences
  • An  EU-funded project on the AACSB accreditation of the Oulu Business School
  • Oulu Growth Venturing, an EU-funded project on the development of Business Kitchen
  • KoKo, an EU-funded project in which Avanto Idea Accelerator, Arctic Business Corridor and Business Kitchen are being developed
  • Terwa-akatemia, an EU-funded project on entrepreneurship education
  • PoPYK, an EU-funded project on entrepreneurship education strategy
  • ITV, a joint Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA) project on increasing innovation capabilities