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Executive MBA

Executive MBA (EMBA)

The Executive Master of Business Administration programme at the University of Oulu moved into the Martti Ahtisaari Institute at the beginning of 2010. At the same time three professionals of executive education from the University's Learning and Research Services moved into the Institute.

Along with this change, Executive MBA and other shorter executive education courses are all organised within Oulu Business School, in close proximity to the most topical research based knowledge.

The programme is organised in Finnish. The modules and courses are as follows:

Module: Strategy and Planning Skills, 18 ECTS:

  1. Strategic Planning & Tools, 6 ECTS
  2. Innovation and Development Skills, 6 ECTS
  3. Finance and Business Control Skills, 6 ECTS

Module: Management of Occupational Safety, 15 ECTS (optional)

  1. Work organization as a juridical and social system, 3 ECTS
  2. Safety management & leadership, 4 ECTS
  3. Occupational well-being and managing ability to work, 4 ECTS
  4. Managing occupational risks, 4 ECTS

Module: Management & Organizing Skills, 14 ECTS

  1. Responsible leadership & leadership development, 6 ECTS
  2. Transformative leadership in an organization, 6 ECTS
  3. Building and leading multi-cultural teams, 2 ECTS

Module: Core Aspects on Growth, 18 ECTS

  1. Customer-centric Approach to Business, 6 ECTS
  2. Growth, Internationalisation & Sales, 6 ECTS
  3. ExecMBA –projectwork in Digital Business, 6 ECTS

Module: Business Development - Individual Work

  1. Executive MBA Thesis, 20 ECTS