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Research activities

Martti Ahtisaari Institute focuses on challenges of responsible businesses, especially on changing businesses and ecosystems in the global markets. The goal of the institute´s research and development activities is to produce new scientifically rigorous and relevant knowledge and foster innovations. 


  • Professor Petri Ahokangas (Future digital business)
  • Associate Professor (Tenure track)  Timo Koivumäki (Business analytics)
  • Minna Pikkarainen, Professor (part-time, Connected health)
  • Veikko Seppänen, Professor emeritus

Research and development projects

The institute carries out research and development activities in several domestic and international joint projects funded by EU, Tekes and other sources.The projects have involved various business network, business model and market evolution in such domains as healthcare and well-being, industrial production  and different high-technology sectors, but also for example the arctic region, built environments, smart spaces and facilities, and food production.

The Futuralis  research group

The Futuralis research group operates in the context of the institute, focusing on business changes and dynamics:

  • Business ecosystems. models and value-based earning logic
  • Digital business in various application domains
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-method research


The institute publishes its research results actively in scientific journals and proceedings, but also as papers presented in conferences, as professional reports and in public media. A list of the publications can be found here.

Research groups and doctoral researchers

The institute provided funds in its target area for selected research groups during 2008-2018. The institute has also supported doctoral research in business and economic sciences 2012-2020, through a scholarship program.