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Petri Ahokangas

Petri Ahokangas is Professor of Future Digital Business

Ahokangas was born in Kannus in 1966. He defended his doctoral dissertation in Economic Sciences in 1998 at the University of Vaasa.

Ahokangas has served in various expert and managerial positions  in industry, as well as held research and education posts at the University of Oulu, including acting Professor of International Business. At present he is Adjuct Professor of Software Business at the University of Oulu, and Professor of Future Digital Business at Oulu Business School.

He is the director of Martti Ahtisaari Institute from October 2022.

Ahokangas has specialized in high-technology, digital and software businesses, and in particular in business models, ecosystems and strategies and the internationalization of wireless telecommunication enterprises, regarding for example 5G and 6G solutions and services. Ahokangas has participated in and been responsible for many joint domestic and international research and development projects. He has published close to 200 scientific and professional publications.

Ahokangas has taught strategic business management, international business and entrepreneurship related topics. He has, among other, been responsible for planning and executing EMBA courses for over ten years.