Wireless health care services co-creation platform


Wireless health care services co-creation platform

WILLE, the Wireless Lab  Environment for Business project has been completed.

The aim of the project was to integrate the needs of health care professionals, patients and business partners by developing a co-creation platform for the design of digital health care services, addressing future children hospitals in particular. The project was implemented in 2016-2017 and funded by Tekes through the INKA program.

The WILLE project tracks included both operational and research driven activities. The former were co-ordinated  by the University hospital of Oulu (OYS) and Business Oulu and included innovation competition and pilot development. Martti Ahtisaari Institute focused on the implementation of the latter, together with Business Oulu and CWC among others.

Remarkably, altogether 15 companies took also part in the project. Regarding the ecosystemic business models investigated in WILLE, end-user community representatives and some 30 health care professional participated in the needs and process related data gathering sessions, in addition to the pilot studies that were carried out. Quoting the feedback given by one of the professionals involved in these: “This kind of work should be obligatory in the development of the future hospital”.

More information:

Research professor Minna Pikkarainen, Minna.Pikkarainen[at]oulu.fi
Adjunct professor Petri Ahokangas, Petri.Ahokangas[at]oulu.fi