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The StrokeData program got a flying start with a successful electronic kick off

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death globally. There are around twenty thousand stroke cases in Finland alone each year. The transient ischemic attack alias TIA  is a precondition of a stroke attack, often called the mini stroke. Although ten to twenty  TIA patients out of a hundred will have a stroke within ninety days, as much as sixty percent of them may currently be misdiagnosed. There is an urgent need for early and correct diagnoses. A key matter in this is the combination of data in ways that has not been possible until now.  

The goals of the large StrokeData consortium program supported by Business Finland is to co-create and validate a patient solution for stroke prevention and a decision support system to improve stroke diagnosis, as well as to develop a system dynamic model for predictive impact evaluation of the diagnostics of stroke cases. The program will also investigate novel business model alternatives to help companies and hospitals to take data-enabled stroke prevention and diagnostics solutions to selected foreign markets.

The total funding of the two-year program is close to six million euros. The consortium includes the University of Oulu as the responsible party, as well as the Technical Research Centre of Finland  VTT, Bittium, Innokas Medical, the Oulu University Hospital, the University of Eastern Finland,  Tieto, Bitfactor, Everon, Vetrea, Uros, Invenco, Predicell, Neurocenter Finland and  the  Kuopio University Hospital.

The  consortium held a successful electronic kick-off meeting on the 15th and 16th of April, with some 30 persons included. Despite of the corona virus situation the program will start mainly as planned, addressing the needs and opportunities and starting to specify the solution elements – on which a joint scenario workshop was  already held during the meeting.

More information:
Research professor Minna Pikkarainen:  Minna.Pikkarainen[at], Minna.Pikkarainen[at]
Senior scientist Heidi Similä: Heidi.Simila[at]