The 2nd Business Model Conference held


The 2nd Business Model Conference held

The University of Florence in Italy hosted the Second Business Model Conference at the beginning of June 2018.

Research on business models has grown a lot during the past years, and an inter-disciplinary international community of scholars has emerged to address ideas, causal relations, theories and tools in a variety of subjects related to business models. They are investigated for example from entrepreneurship, strategy, management, organization, finance, accounting and marketing viewpoints.

Researchers of Martti Ahtisaari Institute belong to the founding members of the Business Model Conference. This year four joint papers were presented by them in Florence: “From ecosystemic scenarios to business models in future facility services” (Gomes, Iivari, Ahokangas), “Coopetition and ecosystems – business model for emerging 5G technology context” (Ahokangas, Sipola, Matinmikko-Blue, Hämmäinen, Walia, “Toward Smart City Business Models” (Perätalo, Iivari, Ahokangas) and ”Becoming a Business Kitchen – a business model and a brand” (Perätalo, Gyrd-Jones, Ahokangas, Törmälä).

Petri Ahokangas was one of the members of the scientific board of the conference and a co-organizer of the related Ph.D. workshop.

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