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MAI doctoral researchers receive grants

The Foundation for Economic Education  promotes research in business and economics by awarding grants and scholarships. In November 2020 it made a decision on 291 grants, totaling to 4 437 700 euros. Grants were provided to several doctoral researchers   of Martti Ahtisaari Institute:

- MSc (Econ) Raushan Aman, for the study of ”Migrant women entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”.  She received also a separate grant for a conference trip.

- MSc (Econ) Mahmoud Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed, for the study of ”Ecosystemic Big Data Platform Business Models for Connected Health”.

- MSc (Econ) Sara Moqaddamerad, for the study ”Business Model Innovation on the Verge of Emerging Disruptive Technologies”.


Veikko Seppänen