DIMECC’s Cyber Trust program reached its goals


DIMECC’s Cyber Trust program reached its goals

The three-year (2015-17) Cyber Trust program of DIMECC, partly funded by Tekes, is ending. The goal of the program was to lay a foundation for Finnish research and industry to address the emerging needs of cyber security, and thereby improve privacy, trust and decision making in the digital infrastructure. The program was based on close co-operation of public and private parties, consisting of altogether nineteen companies and eight research institutes and universities.

Professor Juha Röning of the University of Oulu acted as the Academic Coordinator of the program. Martti Ahtisaari Institute took part in the program as a security-related business research expert, working for several industrial cases and together with other researchers. Our special focus, as formulated by the responsible person Petri Ahokangas, was on ecosystemic business models.

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Juha Röning, Juha.Roning[at]oulu.fi
Petri Ahokangas, Petri.Ahokangas[at]oulu.fi