Business Analytics – An all new International Master's program to be launched with a unique setting

Business Analytics – An all new International Master's program to be launched with a unique setting

Interested in digital data and decision making? Curious to know how to make use of information based on data mining and analytics? The all new two-year international Business Analytics Master's program will provide for that through a unique setting.

Analytics experts are in a very high demand, not so much only because we are overwhelmed with data, but because data has become one of the most valuable assets everywhere. Acquisition, management, and utilization of data is both a challenge and an opportunity. It cannot be approached in an ad hoc manner, but both understanding of analytics principles and rigorous analysis practices are required.

In order to respond to the mentioned, the University of Oulu will launch an all new international Business Analytics Master’s program next year with a unique setting that brings together technologies, information systems and businesses. Correspondingly, the program can lead to a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Technology or Information Processing. The respective career paths can be characterized as the Business analyst, Data engineer and Information analyst.

The program will be implemented based on introduction, methods, core analytics and degree-specific elective courses. In addition to individual thesis assignments the program will include an extensive Capstone project course, where analytics needs and solutions are addressed by student teams together with the program’s stakeholders.

After completing the program, the graduates will be experts who understand the needs and opportunities of business, industrial and public organizations with regard to acquiring, analyzing and deploying digital data for decision-making, operations and development. In addition, they have gained experiences from analysis theories, methods, tools and data sets. They have also learnt teamwork skills and built their communication competencies, because analytics cannot be performed alone and in isolation.

The University of Oulu is a leading research and education institution with a highest-ranked information technology faculty and an AACSB-accredited business school. These two have combined their capabilities to create a learning experience and a study environment for analytics, as well as will build the respective stakeholder networks and make them to be involved.

It is expected that the graduates of the program can work in corporations, SMEs and public organizations. However, they can also become entrepreneurs to provide analytics services and solutions.  Having passed an international degree program they can start building their own international careers.

The program’s information pages for applicants are already available, applying will become open at the beginning of the next year, and the program will start in Fall 2021. We are excited about the new program and look forward to starting it. The business analytics era is here.

Veikko Seppänen