Leticia Greyling visiting the institute


Leticia Greyling, a sustainability expert, pays a visit at the Martti Ahtisaari Institute in March 2018.

She joined the Rhodes Business School in 2010, coordinating the sustainability cluster for their "Leadership in Sustainability" MBA program, certificate courses and assisting businesses and government in mainstreaming sustainability management initiatives. 

She teaches various courses at the Rhodes Business School, as well as covers sustainability related topics in corporate programs and in consulting work. 

She has also worked with the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), UNDP (UN Development Programme) and various regional and international institutions especially on the role and integration of sustainability in businesses and managing environmental and sustainability risks and opportunities within organizations. 

Amongst others, Leticia Greyling serves as vice-chair on the Global Reporting Initiative’s Advisory Board (African region) and is an Associate at the International Oceans Institute – Southern Africa (IOI-SA).

More information:
Anne Keränen, Anne.Keranen[at]oulu.fi