Martti Ahtisaari International Doctoral Scholarship Programme

  • Ohjelmaan hyväksymisvuosi: 2018
  • Kotimaa: Kiina
  • Tutkimusaihe: Dynamics in collaboration for appropriating value in multi-stakeholder networks and healthcare ecosystems
  • Väitöstutkimuksen pääohjaaja: Professori Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen

As the healthcare reform involves the interests of a variety of (both public and private) actors, the biggest practical problem roots in sharing of the “pie” (i.e. the amount of value appropriated by each actor) and orchestration of actors (Gulati & Wang, 2015; IMTJ, 2017). Orchestrating various actors with different value appropriation expectations (i.e. expectations on the amount of value they can capture) in a networked environment is challenging, particularly in the healthcare context where actors collaborate driven by not only self-serving profit interest but also public service mission (Porter, 2008; Provan, Fish, & Sydow, 2007).

This study uses mixed research methods including both quantitative and qualitative approaches for empirical investigations. The research results will depict how appropriation emerges at the network level, how different actors approach their goals through collaboration, and why actors dynamically enter or exit the networks for value appropriation. Elaborately, this research intends to provide actors with an understanding about how to manage innovation appropriability and networks (Levén, Holmström and Mathiassen, 2014), and thus promoting the efficiency of co-design of future healthcare services and the adoption of innovations (Pikkarainen et al., 2017).

Avainsanat: value appropriation; dynamic collaboration; network orchestration; healthcare; business ecosystem

Aikaisemmat tutkinnot:

Master of Science, Economics and Business Administration: Finland 2016-17