Martti Ahtisaari International Doctoral Scholarship Programme

  • Ohjelmaan hyväksymisvuosi: 2018
  • Kotimaa: Suomi
  • Tutkimusaihe: The Mediating Role of Calculative Practices in a Digital Environment
  • Väitöstutkimuksen pääohjaaja: Professor Janne Järvinen

This dissertation concerns the role of data-analytics in organizational decision-making and control from the interdisciplinary perspective on accounting. Digitalization of commerce, big data and other technological advances in ways of consumer measurement are influencing not only the organizational practices but also societies and the everyday life of people. This research aims to increase our understanding of accounting’s role and functioning in a digital innovation development environment by capturing the significant performative and transformative influence of calculative practices of accounting shaping our everyday life.

Keywords: Calculative practices; Mediating instruments; Data-analytics; Big Data; Governmentality; Free-to-play

Previous degrees:

M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration); University of Oulu (Oulu Business School, AACSB Accredited)
- Major in Accounting and minors in Marketing and Management

B.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration); University of Oulu (Oulu Business School)
- Major in Accounting and minors in Economics and Business law

B.Sc. (Machine automation); Oulu Institute of Technology

International conference presentations:

The 40th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association – Spain - 2017

The 11th European Network for Research in Organisational & Accounting Change conference – Italy - 2017