Accessibility report


Martti Ahtisaari International Doctoral Scholarship Programme

  • Year of admission: 2017
  • Home country: Finland
  • Research topic: End-user engagement within innovative public procurement
  • Main thesis supervisor: Professor Pauliina Ulkuniemi
  • Discipline: Marketing

My dissertation research relates to fundamentals of end-user co-creation of value within innovative public procurement. By studying the end-user roles, user engagement activities and procurement competencies and resources, the aim is to identify and analyze end-user engagement in the setting of innovative public procurement. My research interests also extend to further conceptualization of value formed in relationships between the society and the public. Although closer interaction in procurement with end-users has been recognized beneficial for the quality, value for money and innovativeness of the public service for a while, the present perceptions on the engagement process both by academics and practitioners can be seen rather fragmented.

The soul contribution of the dissertation lies in utilizing conceptual knowledge on private sector value co-creation and business networks in the public sector context. Value co-creation theories challenge the traditional value exchange roles of the company and its customers forming situations where two or more of the actors involved create shared value in co-operation, to achieve a unique customer value experience. The dissertation sees the focal relationships within public procurement as a triad between the public sector procurer, the private sector supplier and the end-user of the public purchase. An objective of the study is also to raise awareness of both procurers and suppliers on the potential of end-user engagement in the implementation of their present and future procurement projects.

Previous degrees:

M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), University of Oulu, Oulu Business School (2014)

Major in Marketing


Journal publications:

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International conference publications:

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