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Martti Ahtisaari International Doctoral Scholarship Programme

  • Year of admission: 2016
  • Home country: Finland
  • Research topic: Strategic change as a temporal process
  • Main thesis supervisor: Professor Tuija Mainela

With my thesis “Strategic change generating ‘in time´: on strategy making and temporality in small firm development´, I examine strategic change as a temporal process. By following a real-time strategic change during over two years in a small Finnish software company, I show that surprising and unpredictable events have a significant role in the process. I also identify a temporality paradox that emerges when the business practices organized to continue over time conflict with the ‘in time´ emergence of surprising events. This creates paradoxical tension between organizing processes efficiently and reacting to surprises when needed. 

The research findings give reason to reconsider the prevailing view of strategic change as a pre-planned, temporary activity that is fully controllable through rational managerial planning. Instead, my research increases understanding of strategic change as uncertain, surprising and continuous process. Consequently, the research results also relevant for the practical understanding of strategic change by turning the focus from strategy-making as a careful future planning and subsequent implementation into strategy-making as everyday practical coping with constant surprises. With the thesis I thus highlight that as the future is impossible to predict and control, the ability to react and take advantage of surprises becomes an everyday activity for the agile strategists 

Research interests:

Strategy process and practices, change and temporality in organizational processes, software intensive business

Previous degrees:

M.Sc. (Econ.), major in Marketing, University of Oulu, Oulu Business School, 2007

Publications and book chapters:

Ahokangas, P. & Myllykoski, J. (2014) The Practice of Creating and Transforming a Business Model. - Journal of Business Models 2 (1), 6-18 .

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Conference and seminar presentations:

Myllykoski, J. & Rantakari, A. (Forthcoming). Strategy making “in time´. Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2016, Anaheim, USA. Conference proceedings.

Myllykoski, J. & Rantakari, A. (Forthcoming). Building a blind and deaf agent: strategy as a performative practice in software business. EGOS (European Group of Organization Studies) Conference 2016, Naples, Italy. 

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Ahokangas, P. & Myllykoski, J. (2011). Toward enternationalization? A business model perspective on internationalization and the Web. A paper presented at the EIBA annual conference, Romania.

Research visits:

02-06/ 2010 University of Western Sydney, Australia

Research projects:

2014-2015 Need for Speed, Oulu Business School

2011-2012 Cloud Software, Oulu Business School