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Post-doc and professors positions open in 6G-Future Sustainable Society (6G-FSS)

6G-FSS is a multidisciplinary research theme supported by the Academy of Finland Profi6 funding (2021-2026), involving four faculties and leveraging the sixth generation wireless mobile competences to the data-driven and hyperconnected world, with a focus on digital health and energy.

6G-FSS has opened the following postdoctoral positions:

Altogether eight postdoctoral positions, out of which five are associated with the following key themes, one position per a theme:

1. Citizen-centered health data solutions (6G-FSS1)

2. Ubiquitous digital care pathways and service models in secure and intelligent environments (6G-FSS2)

3. Future AI-tailored wireless hospital (6G-FSS3)

4. Sustainable energy systems empowering users with digital services (6G-FSS4)

5. Energy efficiency of digitally enabled user-centric systems (6G-FSS5)

Furthermore, three additional postdoctoral positions linked to these themes, focusing on:

6. Machine learning in wireless eHealth and Energy/Smart grid applications

7. Wireless 5G/6G solutions for eHealth and Energy/Smart grid applications

8. Business models for eHealth and Sustainable Energy services/Smart grid applications.

In addition, the following professors positions have been opened:

Four Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professors positions,  and One Professor's position.

Online applications for all these positions are open until the second of June 2021.