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MyBlog – Education isn’t something you can finish

As usually, this time of the year is filled with activities in educational institutions. This is also the case in the Martti Ahtisaari Institute. However, referring to Isaac Asimov, education is not something that one can just finish.  Indeed, several educational endeavors in which we have actively participated, will not end for good, but take their new forms.

Training of female leaders, which has been much orchestrated by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, will  become renovated by the end of this year. It has been a great success in all regards, thanks to its organizers, teachers, and the many participants during the past several years.

The creation of critical sales competences through education, carried out as a joint project, will also move to the next, continuous deployment phase. It has already involved hundreds of interested persons among and outside its developing parties.

Both of the mentioned indicate how important it is in due time to grasp the needs and opportunities of knowledge creation, how the actual implementation of education is emerging along the way, and what comes out as learning.

The development of training on block chain will also continue, having already reached the continuing education phase and moving to the customer-specific phase later this year. The unique educational whole on block chain is also developed and offered by several parties. Because block chain may change the world even from what internet has done, its teaching and learning will not stop either, but become imperative.

The newly started International Master’s program on Business Analytics, offered by the Oulu Business School and the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, will become accompanied at the business school with new Bachelor level courses and doctoral training. This way, Business Analytics will take its final form as a new educational and scientific discipline.

Another opening at the Oulu Business School is an International Bachelor’s program on Management of International Business. It will incorporate a specific Nordic view to the global environment and related to that include several courses on entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Minor study package created and offered by the institute during the past years will provide a flying start for that.

What comes to the Executive education and the Master of Safety training given by the institute, the next group of students will receive their diplomas just before the Midsummer. They can celebrate the highest point of the Finnish summer with their new skills and competences.

Veikko Seppänen