Business models for the real-time economy addressed in NFF 2019

The 25th Nordic Academy of Management Conference NFF 2019 was held in Vaasa in August 22-24, with the theme ”Nordic Energies”.

The FUTURALIS research group of Martti Ahtisaari Institute organized one of the tracks of the conference, titled to ”Business models for the real-time economy”.

Several papers were presented and discussions conducted in the track, regarding platform-based ecosystemic business models, value configurations, business model innovation, market structuring and business evolution, among others. The application domains addressed in the papers ranged from future digital wireless networks to smart energy, buildings and cities.

The conference gathered together a large group of mainly Scandinavian particapants from many economic and business disciplines, in the spirit of företagsekonomi, a unique Nordic perspective to the field.

The next NFF conference will take place in 2021 at Örebro University, Sweden.