Wireless mobile future

Figure: Wikimedia Commons

Professor Petri Ahokangas of Martti Ahtisaari Institute provided an outlook to the wireless mobile world of the future, in an event organized by Traficom.

According to him holographic communications associated with haptic and empathic interaction will provide for seamless, collaborative and intelligent solutions. They will serve businesses and individuals, ensuring privacy, security and safety, and help implementing critical functions of smart cities and industries. One of their driving forces is environmental and societal sustainability. 

In this artificial intelligence (AI) and the sixth generation (6G) wireless mobile means will act as general-purpose technologies, having the potential to drastically affect societies. They are supported by enabling technologies, inventions and innovations that will drive changes for the future, and pave a road to the development of derivative discrete technologies in diverse fields.

The expected user-level impacts will include, among other, experiences built on virtual, augmented, and extended reality with merged cyber-physical contexts, co-design and collaboration, and all kinds of immersive experiments. In addition, we will see autonomous robots, co-bots and vehicles used by communities as new types of users.

What comes to business-level impacts, digital trust enabled by quantum computing and distributed ledger technologies will result in building private local small-scale operators to serve specific needs, so that service providers and their complementors can utilize platforms flexibly and in parallel. Most importantly, the pivotal change from closed to open and mixed business models will continue, highlighting the role of coopetition, ecosystems-thinking and sharing economy strategies.

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