Strategic foresight and business model design workshops

Future is not predetermined and predictable, but it is quite possible to anticipate it, and future outcomes can be influenced by our choices and decisions in the present. Strategic foresight enables organizations to create and sustain a high quality forward-looking view to detect threats and opportunities, shape robust strategies and ultimately make better and informed decisions.

Facilitated workshops are now available to create novel business models through strategic foresight tools and methods in a systematic way. The workshop process helps analyzing and interpreting past and future trends, in order to identify new opportunities and anticipate and formulate business strategies.

The facilitator of these workshops is Sara Moqaddamerad, a researcher of Management and organization at Oulu Business School, with Martti Ahtisaari Institute. She is a former research assistant at Finland Futures Research Center in Helsinki and a former business analyst at Detecon Consulting in Germany.

A flyer describing the goals and organization of the foresight and business model design workshops can be found here.

More information:

Sara Moqaddamerad, Sara.Moqaddamerad[at]
Tel. +358 50 409 4601