Petri Ahokangas invited to the position of Professor of Future Digital Business

Adjunct professor, Dr. Petri Ahokangas of Martti Ahtisaari Institute has been invited to the full professor’s position of Future Digital Business at Oulu Business School, for the period 2021–2022.  

The position was opened in connection with the University of Oulu focus area Digitalization and smart society and involves close collaboration  with the Academy of Finland Flagship project 6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem – 6Genesis.

With the ongoing adoption of 5G and the proceeding of the future 6G technologies in various verticals, many innovative solutions and services exploiting novel business models are emerging. These will challenge and transform not only the verticals, but many other existing businesses, in addition to creating entirely new opportunities.  Moreover, they will impact people’s lives and pave a road for the smart society as whole.

To guarantee the impact of research in this domain, research will be carried out through future-looking case studies, experiments, and piloting. Cross-disciplinary technological, economic, regulative, and societal considerations are seen vital for the sustainable deployment of the future digital businesses.  

Petri Ahokangas has during the past several years conducted research on business models, ecosystems and change in several emerging, digitally enabled domains, such as 5G and 6G wireless systems, energy, environment, and smart facilities.

Veikko Seppänen