Business models viewed from the Big Apple

Photo: Sari Perätalo

The Futuralis research group of Martti Ahtisaari Institute attended the Third Annual Business Model Conference held at Fordham University, New York at the beginning of June.

The group contributed to the conference by presenting five research papers on different aspects of digitalization and business models. Also, one teaching case on the Business Kitchen and entrepreneurship studies was presented. On top of the conference activities, the group took part in sparring doctoral researchers in a one-day doctoral workshop.

Petri Ahokangas and Minna Pikkarainen acted as panelists in a panel discussion on the theme business models and internationalization. The panel addressed links between the two research areas. The other members taking part in the conference were Yueqiang Xu, Sari Perätalo and Julius Francis Gomes.

Futuralis has been active in building up an international business model research community for the past several years already.

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